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SSR-Ex Online TRO and Chlorine Monitor for Hazardous Environments

SSR-Ex Online TRO and Chlorine Monitor for Hazardous Environments
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The SSR-Ex is a 2nd generation instrument designed to be SAFE, SIMPLE, and ROBUST. This instrument is rated for ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas aboard ships. To make the SSR-Ex SAFE, we created a Patent Pending method for isolating electronics from the “Wet Chemistry” area of the instrument.  This means that an operator can open the enclosure at any time to service the unit without using a bypass key, or exposing the electronics to a potentially hazardous atmosphere.
The SIMPLE, 4 button interface panel and color screen allow for easy manipulation and viewing of 0-15ppm Chlorine measurements at any time.
New, color coded bags have been implemented for reagent delivery. These take up less space when packing, storing, and shipping, and do not need to be vented.
This ROBUST, second Generation unit uses less moving parts, is fitted with a drain, and has an easy access T-strainer on the door. An Intake air filter and oil/water separator are supplied with every unit to ensure clean air is supplied to the purge controller for reliable operation.


Operation in IECEx/ATEX Zones 1 & Zone 2

Calibration kit available

2 user settable alarm relays

4-20mA & Modbus outputs

Colorimetric DPD Methodology

Enclosure emergency drain

External air filter/conditioner included

Internal sample pump

Title Description Download
IOM-HF-SSR-Ex Manual Download
F-HF-SSR-Ex Sales Brochure Download
Q-HF-SSR-Ex Reference Checklist Download
ES-HF-SSR-EX Specification Sheet Download
Range 0-15 mg/l (PPM)
Cycle time User selectable 45 seconds -10 minutes
Accuracy +/- 10% of reading for the full range
Resolution 0.01 mg/l (PPM)
Method USEPA accepted DPD method of analysis for measuring TRO
Standard outputs 4-20mA and Modbus RTU
User alarms 2 user selectable and configurable Form C relays
Operating temperature 0° - 55°C (32° to 131°F)
Sample Pressure Maximum pressure 3 bar (45psi) sample supplied by internal pump
Compressed Air Pressure 5.5 -7 bar (80- 100 PSI)
Enclosure Rating IP55
Power 100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz
Certifications ATEX, IECEx, USCG, submitted to DNVGL
Flow Rate to Waste Maximum 150 ml/min
Shipping Dimensions 36.5” × 24.5” × 12.5”
Shipping Weight 60 lbs


Model Description
28037 SSR-Ex Online TRO and Chlorine Monitor for Hazardous Environments


Model Description
09931 TOTAL Chlorine SSR- Ex (Liquid Reagent Kit)
09958 TOTAL Chlorine SSR- Ex (Dry Reagent Kit)
24320S Pressure Regulator (Inlet Water)
28139 Air Filter/Dryer Assembly (Air Prep Kit)
28140S Air Filter/Dryer Element Replacement Kit
28141S Replacement Peristaltic Pump Head
28142S Reagent Tubing Kit
28143S T-Strainer/ Pressure Regulator Assembly
28144S Calibration Kit
28145S Replacement T-Strainer Screen

Service & Repairs

Please request a Return Material Authorization(RMA) number before sending an instrument in for repair.

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