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M100+ Laboratory Turbidimeter

M100+ Laboratory Turbidimeter
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The M100+™ Laboratory Turbidimeter offers an easy solution for verifying operation of online turbidimeters like the MTOL+. The color touchscreen interface provides fast access to settings, data and calibration functions. Features such as the Auto Alert Calibration Prompt simplify maintenance. With a resolution of up to 0.0001 NTU at low turbidity readings and an extended range up to 4,000 NTU, the M100+ is an ideal and affordable tool for research as well as routine analytical measurements. The M100+ includes a USB port for downloading logged data and firmware updating.

Auto Ranging from 0 to 4000 NTU
Instrument senses the turbidity level of sample and automatically adjusts the measurement range

Calibration Alert
The M100+ prompts the operator when calibration is required

Simple Calibration Procedure
Insert the calibration standard and initiate calibration with the press of a button

Data Logging
Download historical NTU readings through USB connection or send to a printer or data recorder

Infrared and White Light Model Options
Choose EPA 180.1 compliant white light or ISO 7027 infrared model

Reusable ProCal Calibration Standards
Quick, easy calibration across all ranges without need to mix Formazin

Title Description Download
ES-HF-M100-Plus Specification Sheet Download
IOM-HF-M100-Plus Manual Download
F-HF-Turbidimeters Sales Brochure Download
Q-HF-M100-Plus - Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide Download
Range: Auto ranging from 0 – 4000 NTU
Measurement Principle: Nephelometric below 1000 NTU / Ratio above 1000 NTU
Accuracy: % of reading or ± 0.02 NTV below 40 NTU, whichever is greater ±5% of reading above 40 NTU
Resolution: Selectable up to 0.0001 NTU
Response Time: 3 seconds
Sample Size: 30 ml (27 ml minimum)
Light Source: White light (tungsten filament, krypton gas filled) or Infrared (860nm LED)
Operating Temperature: 1°C – 40°C (34°F – 104°F)
Outputs: USB
Dimensions: 10.75 x 10 x 3.75 in. (27.3 x 25.4 x 9.5 cm)
Weight: 2.9 lbs. (1.32 kg)
Safety Rating: UL, CSA (LC mark), CE


Model Description
28060 M100+ White Light Laboratory Turbidimeter, 100 – 240 VAC
28061 M100+ IR Laboratory Turbidimeter, 100 – 240 VAC


Model Description
21396S Replacement Lamp Assembly IR Light
24082S Lamp assembly for white light models
39825 ProCal Primary Calibration Standard - 10 NTU
39940 ProCal Calibration Kit (0-4000 NTU)
39957 ProCal Primary Calibration Kit, Full Range, .02, 10, and 1000 NTU (for MicroTOL 2, 4 and Micro100)
50040 Formazin Stock Solution Kit - Primary Calibration - each kit contains: 32 onces of 4000 NTU Formazin, one gallon 0.02 NTU Reference Standard, four cuvettes with indexing light shields, three pipettes and instruction manual
50051 Cuvette 28 x 70 mm 3/pk (replaces 28 x 93 mm) use for grab sample. Includes threaded light shield caps.
50052 Cuvette 28 x 70 mm 10/pk (replaces 28 x 93 mm) use for grab sample. Includes threaded light shield caps.

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